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Photo Gallery

We have lots and lots of photos that will help you get some idea of what kayaking on Madeline Island is all about.  Here is a sample.

We also take pictures of you and your group and send them to you (no charge).


Big Bay State Park 5.27.15

The Lagoon 5.27.15

Through a cave 5.27.15

On Big Bay 5.27.15

In the big cave 5.27.15

Big Bay State Park 5.24.15

In the crocodile kayak, downtown 5.24.15

Ready to go 5.23.15

In the Big Cave 5.23.15

Fon de Lac High School 5.19.15

A tight squeeze 5.23.15

Beautiful moss and miss 5.19.15

A day for wetsuits, overtrousers, raincoats and all that

Can't get under there! High water 5.8.15

The Lagoon on double kayaks

A great day! 4.20.15

Evening on the Lagoon.

Ice on the ceiling 4.11.15

Ice in the big cave 4.11.15

Through the cave, hands only 4.11.15

The bridge at the Town Park. Sit-on-top kayaks 9.20.14

Sand Hill Cranes in the Lagoon.

Yes, bear tracks

The Lake is sometimes this calm.

Beautiful day and beautiful kayakers.