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Apostle Islands Kayaks was started by Ed Kale in May 2004.  By 2011, seven years later, more than 10,000 customers had enjoyed kayaking on Lake Superior with Apostle Islands Kayaks.   

In his previous existence Ed served as campus minister and taught philosophy and religion at various universities - Liverpool University in England, Mainz University in Germany, the University of Idaho, the University of Texas at Arlington, and the University of Minnesota, Duluth.  As an undergraduate student Ed studied music and philosophy at the University of Idaho and the University of Denver.  He did his graduate studies at Yale Divinity School - with internships at Robert College in Istanbul, Turkey, and Athens College in Greece - and his Ph.D. studies in theology at Durham University in England. 

Ed is best known as a political activist.  He went on the Freedom Rides in June 1961 to Jackson, MS, and was jailed in Jackson and at the MS State Penitentiary at Parchman. 

That was 50 years ago.  He and other Freedom Riders were recently honored by President Obama.  The Yale University Alumni Magazine featured an article (right column) on Ed in the November 2011 issue (note Yale jacket in the 1961 mug shot), and in May 2011 Ed and 178 other Freedom Riders were honored by Oprah in Chicago at the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Rides.

Ed has always worked for peace and justice.  He organized action groups at universities in England, Germany and the U.S.  These groups did much to bring about the end of Apartheid in S. Africa, the end of the conflict in Nicaragua and the end of "Star Wars."

Let's hope that someday we will see the end of war!  This page is dedicated to the "Freedom Riders" around the world.

For Ed kayaking is all about having fun on the water.  You can be assured that you will have a wonderful time kayaking with Apostle Islands Kayaks!